Disability & Housing

Western Reserve Community Development Corporation is committed to providing safe housing for people of all abilities.  Rather than having people adapt to a home, we try to adapt the home to meet the needs of the person.  Western Reserve has several programs to help people with special needs live more comfortably at home.

New Construction

Western Reserve Community Development Corporation builds universal design homes that are accessible for people with mobility issues.  We offer select floor plans that incorporate features such as first floor bedrooms, wide hallways, lower windows and light switches, accessible showers and zero step entryways.  The principle of universal design is to reduce barriers and hazards to promote independence, dignity, safety and caregiving in the home.  Universal design homes look like all other homes and will accommodate people throughout their lifespan as needs change.

Housing Rehabilitation and Repair Programs

One component of the housing rehabilitation and repair programs administered by Western Reserve Community Development Corporation is a mobility and accessibility program (MAP) that allows us to make changes to homes to make them more accessible.  For those meeting certain income guidelines, existing homes can be modified to meet your needs by installing ramps, widening doorways or replacing bathtubs with showers.  By modifying the home, it allows residents to live in their own home longer and more independently.